The print journal is a collaborative project founded by two defiant women, based in Scotland, who simultaneously fell in love with all-things-surrealist at university.


The Debutante aims to engender a new movement of feminist-surrealism. It is a non-for-profit publication with funds directed to the next issue. Both co-editors have full time jobs elsewhere.

Learn about our feminist collaboration and redefining the muse in our interview by Sophia Hembeck.

Our vision

We seek to redress the patriarchal recording of art history by promoting the lives, work and legacies of marginalised surrealists.


Our values

We are open to all, and thoroughly encourage engagement and participation from anyone who is motivated by interjecting feminist-surrealists' art into the contemporary everyday, or, simply to learn more.

 Guest editors 

Overseas Issue 02 Editor - Dr. Kelsey Ashe

Dr. Kelsey Ashe is an Artist, Curator and Academic based in Western Australia, although originally from Tasmania and New Zealand. Ashe is fascinated with the Antipodean, (Austral-Asia-Pacific) and the things hidden, mysterious, meta-physical and mythic which emanate from the landscape and in particular from seascapes. Ashe’s work recently came to prominence in International Surrealist Art Practice when she received 2nd Place for her short film ‘Pearls and Blackbirds’ in a remake of Peggy Guggenheims notorious 1943 exhibition ’31 Women’ in Sedona, USA, January 2020 curated by Dr. Catriona McAra.

Online Editor - Tasmin Petrie

Coming from a background in Italian and Hispanic studies, Tasmin takes a particular interest in promoting contemporary Latina artists and strengthening inter-cultural dialogues between Latin America and Scotland. She is currently pursuing a Masters in History of Art at the University of Glasgow, in which she is focusing on the deployment of the occult and ritual as a tool against patriarchal oppression in the work of Latin American women artists.

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Edinburgh, Scotland.

Background collage: Ailsa Sutcliffe.