Issue 2:

Feminist-Surrealist Odysseys 

Call for Contributors


We are on the prowl for interdisciplinary practitioners whose work is informed by feminism and surrealism. Please join us in defiant collaboration! We particularly welcome submissions from BAME, LGBT+, and disabled creatives.


Here’s some starting points for you:

  • Eco-feminism and rising sea levels

  • Marine found objects - re-purposing ocean debris 

  • Sea nymphs, harpies and sirens

  • Journeys to overcoming borders/barriers

  • Transnationalism, diaspora and displacement


Email your proposals and media to with the subject line ‘Issue 2: Odysseys’ by March 1st 2020.


Please note that we are sadly unable to pay contributors, but we hope that you find collaboration with us fulfilling and beneficial for your artistic odysseys.

Image: Image: ‘Eight Limbs’ by @worldofashe @darkswanexhibitions 

This deadline has now passed. 

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Edinburgh, Scotland.

Background collage: Ailsa Sutcliffe.