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Edinburgh, Scotland.

Background collage: Ailsa Sutcliffe.

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Issue 02: 'Feminist-Surrealist Odysseys' Call for Contributors 
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The Debutante Issue 01: 'The Feminist-Surrealist Manifesto'-Out Now.

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A feast for the senses...
Read: Remedios Varo: Letters, Dreams & Other Writings

Translated by Margaret Carson

Published by Wakefield Press

See: The Tate Modern: Dora Maar
Listen to: Ami Bouhassane on Lee Miller

Episode 5 of the Great Women Artists Podcast, Katy Hessel interviews Bouhassane on her grandmothers' life and works.

"When nature has stopped being treated as the enemy of man...when the significance of woman’s contribution to the preservation and development of human society has been recognized... then at last, poetry and art will come into their own again..."


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